Friday, November 4, 2011

South Again

Four score and some 200 weeks ago I arrived in a wild land that inspired words of exceptional grandeur and excellence. While the time since then has been full of more words lost in the netherlands of academia, I have since returned and the pristine waters and imposing peaks of Patagonia still produce an affluence of hyperbole that somehow fall short of reality.
Upon my return I am slotted to be the sole cook and chef at the future Patagonia National Park's restaurant, though as it is under construction I am working with the 'Senderistas' (trail builders) and helping out in the Lodge kitchen. Early in October I arrived at the start of a three day weekend which the other gringo interns and I kicked of with some camping at the Rio Baker and fresh fish on the fire. A Chilean rodeo in the nearby town of Cochrane was to follow. Two of the ten or so riders left in a stretcher.


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