Friday, November 4, 2011

High Camp

The plan for October was to finnish up a loop-trail that was started last season and begins at the main administration area on the valley floor. Most of the remaining work was a few hours hike from the ranch headquarters so we set up a high camp. The four horses seemed to do fine with a half-barrel stove, chain-saw, mattresses, and a couple hundred pounds of food, though the gringoes were left to slug their own backpacks as the Chilenos skipped up the hill.
While working with our local compaƱeros has taken some patience and letting go, as more often than not our apparently western intuition and work-sense seem to conflict with theirs, breaking a smile or laugh around the campfire isn't too hard. Learning to "tranquilo" or just chill has been one lesson not unwelcome.
While we are all sleeping in our respective tents, we built a communal kitchen area known as the "Casa de Palo" (House of Log). As the sun already sets towards nine, long evenings in the Casa, sipping tea to the sounds of fuzzy radio coming in from Argentina and the crackling of fat rendering on the stove (or bread cooking in that fat) make our austral routine.

Our gaurdian lamb carcass- comes down at meal times.

The Gringo Senderistas


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